Alba - Bardawil & Co


Founded in 1957, “ALBA Maquinaria para la Construcción” offers high quality rack and pinion hoists, cutting & bending machines and light machinery.

Balco - Bardawil Co


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, CSW Industrials (NASDAQ: CSWI) is a diversified industrial growth company with a portfolio of industry-leading businesses in two segments: Industrial Products and Specialty Chemicals.

Besealed - Bardawil & Co


BeSealed® is the worldwide reference for waterproofing concrete structures. Are you an architect, a construction manager, or in any other way involved in projects to keep concrete constructions watertight? Then their revolutionary and patented hydrophilic water-stops offer you the best solution.

Cetco - Bardawil Co


CETCO’s Building Materials produces VOLCLAY Waterproofing Products, which utilize the unique, high-swelling properties of sodium bentonite. CETCO is a manufacturer of a wide variety of active and passive waterproofing membrane technologies for use in protecting the building envelope above and below grade.

CIM Industries - Bardawil Co


C.I.M is a manufacturer of potable water systems, wastewater systems, primary & secondary chemical containment, cooling towers, parking decks, roofing repair, plaza decks, water features, planter boxes, fountains, and many other applications.

Deflex - Bardawil Co


Deflex Fugensysteme GmbH is one of the key global names when it comes to the production and sale of joint profiles. Deflex is a medium-sized company with over half a century of experience in developing joint systems and sealing of all kinds, with optimal implementation and leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Dowsil - Bardawil & Co


DOWSIL™ is the world leading brand in silicone adhesives & sealants and silicon-based technology for electronics.

Erico - Bardawil Co


ERICO is a pioneer in the construction industry and manufactures a complete line of rebar splicing systems. Their mechanical rebar splices can provide a better solution than traditional lap splices.

Enarco - Bardawil & Co


ENARCO is the Spanish manufacturer of Enar Concrete Vibrators, Concrete Vibrating Screeds and Light Compaction Equipment.

Expamet - Bardawil Co


In 1889, the British Metal Expansion Company was established in Hartlepool. It had sole European rights for the manufacture of expanded metal mesh, mainly for use as reinforcement and lath in the rapidly expanding sector of concrete construction. The business that grew from these early days later changed its name to Expamet..

Firestone - Bardawil Co


Bridgestone/Firestone’s success and innovation in rubber polymer technology, Firestone Building Products has become a global leading manufacturer of rubber based Roofing and Lining systems for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications. Firestone Building Products offers a wide product range: • Roofing systems • Insulation • Lining systems • Other EPDM applications

Fixator - Bardawil Co


FIXATOR, manufacturer of hoists and suspended platforms for over 90 years, designs temporary suspended scaffolds, individual cradles and attachment systems for façade works on buildings of large height. FIXATOR also manufactures a wide range of electric, manual and pneumatic hoists intended for industrial use, for personnel lifting or equipment lifting applications.

Furukawa Bardawil Co


Furukawa is a comprehensive rock drill manufacturer, delivering construction and mining machinery products..

Husqvarna - Bardawil & Co


Husqvarna manufactures and distributes floor grinding, polishing systems and diamond tools.

Impact Testing - Bardawil Co


Impact Test Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and site testing equipment to civil engineering, construction, mining and aggregate industries, as well as concrete, cement and asphalt manufacturers, geotechnical laboratories, educational and research establishments, government ministries, resellers, engineers and consultants.

GEO-Natpet - Bardawil & Co


Infrastructure Reinforcement industrial Co. is a leading Geosynthetics producer and supplier with long and very successful presence in the international markets, carrying the well-known and appreciated brand name GEO NATPET (formerly known as Bonar Natpet).

Istanbul teknik - Bardawil & Co


Istanbul Teknik provides a wide range of products: geogrids, green roof and insulation products, asphalt-products, Expansion Joint Systems, epoxy-based products and other heat and water insulation products. Istanbul Teknik has been continuing its activities since 1998 in order to offer its customers the best.

Marcital - Bardawil Co


Marcital, based in Lecco, has been producing and distributing state of the art Italian rebar bending & cutting machines since 1980.

Norton Saint Gobain - Bardawil Co


The Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Film Products offer the broadest line of specialty high-performance polymeric films and membranes.

Nortene - Bardawil Co


Based in Hungary, Nortene provides quality plastic fences, warning tapes and nets.

Orientals - Bardawil Co


Orientals Group of companies have developed in the field of Lifting equipment and solutions in the Middle East Since 2004. Orientals is one of the leaders in manufacturing and supplying of Building Maintenance Units (BMU) and Suspended Platforms (Cradles) and all of its accessories and spare parts in the Middle East. Orientals also developed Material Lifting Winches and Glass Handling Equipment.

Putzmeister - Bardawil & Co


Putzmeister is a German manufacturer of concrete pumps and other equipment for pumping, distributing and placing concrete, mortar and other high-density solids, and for preparing, temporarily storing, processing and transporting these materials.

Rawlplug - Bardawil Co


100 years of expertise in fixings, fasteners and tools.

Samsung Hoist - Bardawil Co


Manufacturer of Hoists & Cranes.

SPEC - Bardawil & Co


Speciality Engineering Chemicals (SpEC) manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality construction chemicals, carefully selected to offer our customers problem solving solutions to many of their everyday construction challenges. Product Range • Concrete Repair • Flooring • Coatings • Joint Sealants • Waterproofing • Grouts • Adhesives

Technotest - Bardawil Co


Manufacturer of high-tech products as well as static & dynamic testing.

Ultra Crete - Bardawil & Co


Choose UltraCrete for all your highway maintenance needs. Our proven and trusted range includes first time permanent patching materials, high specification concrete, fast setting repair mortars and anti-skid reinstatement solutions. Pothole repair, concrete/ patch repairs, anti-skid reinstatement are just some of the maintenance solutions that UltraCrete provides.

West System - Bardawil & Co


Leaders in Marine Epoxy WEST SYSTEM offers two-part (resin and hardener) epoxy systems developed for use in boat building and boat repair. Our products are formulated to provide maximum physical properties while being easy to use. WEST SYSTEM epoxies are versatile.

Wiggert - Bardawil Co


Wiggert & Co. GmbH and its affiliates within the WiCo Group is one of the leading manufactures of concrete batching and mixing plants, concrete transport systems and individual components for modernization / upgrade of existing plants.

Xilin - Bardawil Co


Xilin Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers which produce warehousing equipments such as Hand and Electric Pallet Trucks, Manual and Electric Stackers, Tow Tractors, Lift Tables, Order Pickers, Explosion-proof Trucks, Electric and Diesel/Gasoline Forklifts, Load Binders, and Hooks and so on.


Founded in 1928 in Italy for the production, transportation and application of bitumen. Today, Valli Zabban is a modern company, a leader in Italy and in the world in the transformation of bitumen through its three sectors: Road Technologies, Waterproofing Systems and Rubber Technologies.