In our last blog, we provided a full list of the most commonly used construction materials. Today, we’re going to talk about some important sealing materials.

Tile adhesive:

Adhesive is a very important material when installing a floor, a wall, or even a bathtub! Just like glue, tile adhesive makes the tiles of floors or walls stick to one another and also to the initial subfloor or wall for stabilization.

Now if you’re wondering what’s the difference between traditional adhesive and tile adhesive, tile adhesive is designed twice as stretchy as traditional adhesives, so you can cover more area with less of it. Plus, it’s three times stronger, so your tiles will stay in place better.  This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of both construction and reconstruction applications.

A flexible tile adhesive is very easy to use, as ready-made bags can be bought and water is all that is needed to mix them. There is flooring adhesive for tiles flooring called adhesive floor tiles and tile adhesives for wall cladding or fixing wall tiles called wall tile adhesive or adhesive wall tiles.

Tile adhesive is expected to hold the tiles in place for years, if not decades. Construction adhesive comes in a variety of forms, including liquid, paste, powder, tape, etc. Yes, tile adhesive isn’t just available in liquid. Cementitious adhesive is a high-performance adhesive designed to suit the Middle East and Asia climate. It is both water and heat resistance adhesive. It is available in powder and ready to mix with water. You can purchase the best tile adhesive here from Bardawil at top quality.

There is also Latex waterproof mortar adhesive available. It comes as two components consisting of a powder component and a liquid component and is mostly used for ceramic, stone, and marble tiles. You can purchase it here from Bardawil at premium quality.

Bonding adhesive comes in paste and is used for wood, metal, and masonry, and if you’re wondering about tape adhesive, you can find the double-sided adhesive Norton spacer tape that allows for temporary bonding of the glass onto the aluminum frame.


Grout is a mixture made up of water, cement, sand, and a color additive. Grout is a material that is used to fill the spaces between tiles. It is typically used as a sealant on tile or cement joints to fill the gaps between tiles and protect them from wear over time.

Tile adhesive and grout can be used together for the ultimate bonding strength and stabilization effect. Bardawil offers you the best adhesive and grout to meet your most challenging specification requirements. Our grout materials range covers virtually every tile grout application you can find including; patios, swimming pools, hot tubs, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other similar areas. Grouts are easy to prepare and install, simple to maintain, and extremely durable.

What is the difference between Tile Adhesive and Grout?

The difference between tile adhesive and grout resides in their function. These are essentially two separate steps within a single process. Tile adhesive is the compound used to stick the tiles to the wall or floor. Grout, on the other hand, is the mortar used to fill in the gaps between tiles and provide a consistent appearance while also protecting the surface.

Grouts are also called joint sealants and they exist in different types. The best type of grout is epoxy grout but you can also use sanded grout and non-sanded grout depending on your construction requirements. Grouts also come in different colors. However, neutral grout is always a safe pick because it goes with everything and is difficult to go wrong with.

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As its name suggests, silicone is made of silicon and oxygen, wita few more elements like carbon and hydrogen thrown in for good measure. It isn’t a paste like grout but rather a liquid, however, you can find silicone paste. Silicone liquid is similar to grout and is often recommended by professionals due to its ability to prevent from water leaks. The primary distinction between silicone and grout is that the former is more flexible, whereas the latter is harder and stiffer.

Flexible silicone is applied liquid, then it is dried into a flexible tightly-bonded rubber-like plastic. Silicone comes in a variety of colors; white silicone, grey silicone, black silicone sealant, gold silicone, silver silicone, and clear transparent silicone.

Liquid silicone makes a great sealer especially waterproof silicone and heat resistant silicone but grout is easier to get to fit into tighter spaces and easy to wipe away any excess to ensure an even fill.

Silicone sealant provides a durable, watertight seal, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can also be used to fill cracks and gaps in masonry walls, windows, doors, and more. Silicone sealant is not only resistant to water but also to mold and mildew, making it a good choice for use in damp or humid environments.  When applied correctly, silicone sealant will create a long-lasting seal that will keep your home safe.

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Epoxies are a great choice for when you need an extra strong bond, whether you’re working with fiberglass, carpentry, cement, metal, or plastic. In fact, epoxy is a type of adhesive compound that is usually found in industrially manufactured items but it is also commonly used in building and construction.

Epoxy is an adhesive that consists of two parts: epoxy resin and hardener. When you mix these two substances together, they form a strong bond called epoxy adhesive. Epoxy adhesive is an epoxy glue, versatile and robust, making it extremely strong, perfect for reconstruction projects.

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